Club Member Special

FREE Good Morning Feeder*
($17.99 value)

with purchase of two bags of Bugs & Bits

Check out the newest bird feeder at Wild Birds Unlimited - the Good Morning Feeder. It's a versatile feeder that works well with mealworms, Bark Butter Bits, peanuts, or your birds' favorite seed blend. The curved sides make for easy perches for woodpeckers and songbirds. Birds love feeders like this because the open design makes them so easy to use.

Fill your new Good Morning Feeder with Bugs & Bits, a mixture of mealworms and Bark Butter Bits - the two favorite foods for insect-eating birds like Bluebirds, Chickadees, Titmice, Catbirds, Woodpeckers, and many more.

Don't miss your chance to $ave!

*Club Membership required. One free Good Morning Feeder per club membership. Purchase of two bags of Bugs & Bits required. Not valid on previous purchases or with other discounts. Valid only on in-store purchases or orders placed by telephone. Not valid on orders placed online. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Offer expires 8/17/22

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We encourage everyone to wear a mask while in the store. 

Masks available upon request.

Have a health concern regarding COVID-19? Curbside service is always available or call to arrange an after-hours shopping time.

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We are a specialized hobby shop providing a wide variety of products for backyard bird feeding. We make every effort to understand your specific needs, answer all your questions, and share information with you about the hobby. Our SERVICE, QUALITY and SELECTION make us uniquely different than online retailers and other stores in the area offering bird feeding supplies. 

We are a FAMILY-OWNED and OPERATED business. As franchise owners, we are able to offer exclusive Wild Birds Unlimited products at competitive prices. We appreciate your business and want to make it easy for you to do business with us.

Every member of our staff has been thoroughly trained and certified as a BIRD FEEDING SPECIALIST. We are ready and available to answer all your bird feeding questions.

Dan Hinnebusch is our ON-STAFF ORNITHOLOGIST. Dan is a member of the family (the owners' son-in-law) and a vital part of the Wild Birds Unlimited business. Dan manages all of our stores, provides educational seminars and bird walks, and often accepts invitations for off-site presentations throughout the Susquehanna Valley. 

OUR BIRD FOODS ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND ALWAYS FRESH. Our bird seed blends have no grains or fillers (like cracked corn, oats, milo, or red millet) - ingredients often found in other stores' blends that reduce the cost but end up as waste on the ground. As owners, we have selected the ingredients to include in each blend - knowing the right seeds and quantities for the birds in this area.

We are so confident in the design and quality of our feeders and accessories that many carry a LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE. This guarantee means we will repair or replace parts in these feeders at no charge to ensure your feeders are functional and in service. All repairs and replacements are completed on the premises.

Stop by one of our locations TODAY and experience a different kind of backyard bird feeding store! We look forward to hearing about the birds in your backyard.

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